We assist in Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Manor Houses, Country Hotels/Houses, Boutique Hotels, Game Lodge, Self Catering Establishments, Caravan Parks, Back Packers, Various Venue's and more in solving their accommodation challenges through personal service and sharing of experience.

We service both existing accommodation establishments as well as individuals who would like to enter the accommodation market and need assistance and encouragement to do so.

Through our network of service providers you can access the expertise and experience to solve most of your accommodation challenges

BABASA has over the past few years assembled a team of service providers that can assist with almost any problem encountered in the accommodation business
environment. With years of experience and the safety of shared knowledge, members of BABASA can benefit from a wide range of services.

BABASA has negotiated a range of discounts from reputable suppliers and can also assist with advice of the correct buying and replacement policies to optimise return
on your investment.

BABASA can also assist in the marketing of your establishment in various ways. Members are listed on a new BABASA accommodation website and BABASA also
represents its members at a range of events during the year of which INDABA and HOSTEX are the biggest. BABASA also negotiated a very comprehensive and
competitive web and communications package for members to assist in getting the correct exposure on the web and to assist with effective communications. We also
encourage members to get graded and can also assist in the process to attain minimum requirements and facilitate the grading of your property.

BABASA also attend seminars and workshops by government tourism bodies and not only make sure that your interests are voiced but also communicates developments
to our members.

BABASA has a whole range of "How to" presentations that can assist in increasing the profitability of your establishment, train your staff, get up to date with all
regulatory requirements or simply assist in some of the day to day issues you need to keep abreast of. These guides will be published on the website in due course but
members can get telephonic support and advice after joining.