If you have a passion for the industry but have little experience, you do not have to
make all the mistakes those who have gone before you made. Investing time and
energy in doing proper home work can avoid very expensive mistakes and although
you might be eager to start, the time spent on preparation will never be wasted time.

BABASA can assist you with this homework and try and guide you through the
minefield of regulatory requirements and help you get started.

BABASA offers a comprehensive range of services that includes the following:

Advice on all the regulatory requirements needed to comply with before you can start
operating or even think about opening an establishment.

Make sure you know about the municipal regulations, health, fire, liquor, music rights, insurance and lots more.

Financial advice that starts with a viability study to see whether your project will be
able to be profitable before you start spending a lot of money.

For viable properties we can assist with obtaining finance and to compile the required business plan.

BABASA has a vast knowledge base on suppliers of almost everything you might need
to fill your establishment, from furniture, linen, towelling and the smallest amenities
required. We have also negotiated discounts from some of these suppliers.

BABASA can also assist with the initial marketing of your establishment once it is
operational by getting you onto the web with your own website and assist with logo
and stationery design and exposure on the BABASA accommodation website